Chad LaPrade Announces Run for Precinct 1 Commissioner in 2020

by BR Fite

VAN ZANDT—The 2020 election season is fast approaching, and in every race new hopeful contenders throw their names in the hat for each race. Every election cycle, the Grand Saline Sun aims to inform the voters of those wishing to undertake public service in an attempt to make each vote an educated one.
Already this season, we have interviewed many candidates vying for Van Zandt County Sheriff and Precinct 1 Constable. This week we look at the commissioner’s race for precinct 1, and Chad LaPrade who wishes to announce his desire to dethrone Brandon Brown, sitting commissioner for the precinct.
“My name is Chad LaPrade and I am running for Van Zandt County Precinct 1 Commissioner.”, LaPrade said Monday.
LaPrade is a life-long native of Van Zandt County, and more specifically the Fruitvale area. LaPrade graduated locally, has family that calls the precinct home, and protects the precinct and Van Zandt County as a whole as a fireman. LaPrade works for the City of Grand Saline, and has been around long enough to know how things work, where the county has come from, and he feels he is the right man to lead precinct 1 into the future.

  “From my humble beginnings here in Van Zandt County I have seen multiple changes over the years.”, LaPrade said, “I have been a long time member of Lawrence Springs Baptist Church, a supporter of the second amendment, and do not believe in big government.”
These conservative values are at the core of LaPrade’s drive to serve. He says that governmental openness will guide the county in the right direction moving forward.

  “I believe in transparency in government and will make conservative decisions for our County.”, LaPrade stated.
Although running for a county-wide elected office is something new for LaPrade, public service is an area that Laprade is well versed.   Not only has LaPrade’s life been dedicated to serving others—it has been dedicated to saving them as well.
“I have been in the fire and emergency services since 1992, and will use my experience to help improve emergency services within the County.”, LaPrade added, “Along with being a public servant of the fire service, I also served as Mayor of Fruitvale which gave me a perspective of how local government works.”
LaPrade also says that thread-bear budgets are nothing new to him either, and that he will implement a program to stretch every dollar to give the precinct the best quality upkeep possible. He also points out that his management role for the City of Grand Saline will also benefit him in office.

  “I have experience in squeezing blood out of a turnip, and have successfully managed budgets for multiple departments.  Through my training and experience as a supervisor for the past 8 years I feel that I can move the county forward.”, LaPrade says.
LaPrade says that this is a passion for him, and that he looks forward to adding the citizens of precinct 1 to his public service resume.

  LaPrade concluded, “My heart is in this work and will serve as a full-time commissioner for the people and will be accessible to everyone.  Thank you for your time and consideration.”