Grand Saline Public Library

June 09, 2019

Part of the mission of the Grand Saline Public Library is to be responsive to the needs of our community and those that use the library. Over the last few years we’ve had an increasing number people that use the library express that they wished they had a library closer to where they live, especially during the summer months. This summer we are helping meet that need by providing a pop up library one day a week in both Fruitvale and Edgewood.

Last week was our first week and were and we are pleasantly surprised by the turnout we had. We had 7.7 percent of the population of Fruitvale come visit our pop up library (33 of 425). To give you a little perspective on how big a number that is, on average 2.5% of the population of Grand Saline visits the library each day during the summer months. We had twenty five people come visit us in Edgewood this last week. Two vacation bible schools were going on at the same time so we anticipate the numbers to only grow there as the summer progresses.

Each week we bring over three hundred books to both locations. These books were purchased by grants from Walmart, Wood County Electric, and the Texas Book Festival. The books range from beginning board books all the way up to books for adults. We will also be doing activities at each location throughout the summer.
Activities this summer include a touch-a-truck event where we can interact with local first responders and see their trucks up close, an astronaut training where we will do activities that use skills necessary to be an astronaut, and we will have visits from the Therapy Dogs of Van Zandt County. In addition we will be playing with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) toys, reading with local high school leaders, and building foam rockets to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing.

We are excited to be working with Fruitvale ISD, Edgewood ISD, Fruitvale Water Supply Corporation, Cheatham Memorial United Methodist Church, the City of Fruitvale, and the City of Edgewood for this outreach event. When we all work together everyone benefits.
You can pick up schedules for all our events at the Grand Saline Public Library, our pop up locations, or you can find them on our website or our social media outlets.
Just a reminder library cards are available for those who can provide proof of residence in Van Zandt County and photo identification. A guardian must sign for children ages 5-17. Regular business hours are Tuesday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Call (903)962-5516 for more information or visit our website at Please follow our facebook page, twitter (@saltcitylibrary), Instagram (grandsalinelibrary) or webpage to find the latest information about the activities at the library.