Historical Cotton Gin Total Loss

by BR Fite

GRAND SALINE--One of the oldest landmarks in Grand Saline burned to the ground today as firefighters tried to save the aged structure. The cause of the fire is unknown at the moment. While speaking with a woman on scene, who did not identify herself, she witnessed a small fire in the area of a smoker on the south side of the Cotton Gin and she says she called 911. Grand Saline Fire department had Hwy 110 closed off to through traffic as the first responders fought the blaze from the roadway.
Several locals drove by the scene to catch a glimpse of the devastation. The Cotton Gin has been a part of the Grand Saline skyline since the 1800s, and has served many functions for the GS economy, including a haunted house fundraiser or the same department trying to save the landmark.
We will update as we learn further information.

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