Dallas Lucas Throws Hat in Ring For GS City Council

March 02, 2018

Hey I’m Dallas Lucas and I am announcing my candidacy in the elections May 5th, for a seat on the Grand Saline city council. 

 I moved to Van Zandt County in 2002 after graduating from Mesquite high school. In 2007 I moved to Grand Saline and my wife Lisa and I started a family here in 2012.

Some of you may know me through my father David Lucas. Hes been an officer with the GSPD for the past 10 years. The mainstay of this communities law enforcement and benchmark for all other officers who strive to do things the right way. With morals and integrity and definitely without corruption. Some of you may know me though my wife Lisa who’s the smartest and hardest working woman who’s truly a role model for many to be a loving mother and businesswoman. Or you may know me thru the community somehow. However you’ve met me I’m glad to have met you and plan on meeting a lot more of you in the months and years to come. 


When I moved here to the county, I began working at the van zandt county sheriffs department. I didn’t know much about law enforcement then. Didn’t know how much they are needed in our community. How much I and many others I knew took police, fire and ems for granted. I realized they all need our support. I then moved on from the sheriffs department to peruse my own businesses. But kept my love and support for law enforcement. As of early last year I began working for the Sheriffs Department again. As I felt the need to support my law enforcement community in some way. I’m glad I did. Its helped me regain focus of important issues surrounding the county and it’s made me aware of issues that are also hindering Grand Saline. For years I’ve been keeping track of our city and what was going on with our development. I realized there were many issues. So I began to look into them and I became aware of some serious things that plague us like old and impeded ordinances. Our tax rate and our city water has been an area of huge concern for many. Roads, commerce and the list grew. So I decided to run for city council because I didn’t want to sit idle and hope things changed and decided to try to do something about it. I believe I’d listen to the citizens concerns. No matter what they are. I will do my best to fix any issue that concerns the citizens here. I will do my best to get this city moving forward instead of laterally. 

I want new business opportunities here. I want community programs and events to get us involved in the city. To do that we’ll need to address the taxes, grants, spending, roads, water, commerce and more.  I’ll work smart with my fellow city leaders to budget accordingly for everything.I want your voice to be heard. With your help, my experience and hard headedness to do what’s right I know I can help get our city moving towards it’s rightful place in Van Zandt County and in east Texas as a wonderful, clean and safe city, where you can eat, play and shop. Instead of traveling an hour to do all that. I’ll try to get us to keep our dollars here. ~Please follow Vote Dallas lucas for Grand Saline city council on facebook and vote for me on May 5th. ~